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When it rains ...

... You know the saying ... When it rains, it pours. Yesterday I wrote about how bad my Tuesday was and how I lost 2 clients ... Moaning about things has been a habit of mine in the past, and I feel I sometimes spend too long dwelling on the reasons why and the excuses more than picking myself up and moving on. Yes its good to acknowledge what went wrong and then fix the problem if possible but yesterday I was defeated and instead of thinking about how I can fix this I thought "What can I do instead" And then today, while I was stressing about losing 2 clients ... just like a London bus, another came along straight away. Since the new rules have come in across the UK and threat of another lockdown, my clients have been little reluctant to part with their cash. And I don't blame them. But while I was panicking about the 2 I lost another yesterday ... So my initial thought was how else can I make money so I sat on my bed and started brain storming how I could turn my skills in to a money making side hustle ... and one of these ideas was clothing. Over the last few years I have been flirting with The idea of launching a branded clothing company called BLINK. I put some ideas on Facebook in the summer and the feedback I got was great so I'm 100% interested in exploring the idea and will be researching the best print on demand services available in the UK. So keep an eye out on this idea ... I'll be hoping to kick things off with a couple of Christmas themed jumpers and T-Shirts ... but with a twist. Peace OG

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