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Weekend Blog 1

Decided that my weekend was that uneventful that I should put both Saturday and Sunday in one quick blog. The only bits of work I had to do, where.... Matchday graphics for a football team A script / story board for a infographic explainer video The matchday graphic one was easy enough. I had already got the design a layout approved, so all I had to do was finish all the others and send over on Monday.

Easy right ? WRONG !

Sunday night ... On a Sunday ... at night ... ON A GOD DAMN SUNDAY ! The night before I'll be handing over the final graphics, my client has a "great idea" and wants to change the design. I left him on read and will tackle this is the morning. But it ain't happening. As for the explainer video, these guys seem to be an ideal client (I've jinxed it now haven't I ? .... Fuck sake) They are passionate about their project, the budget isn't great but it works and they like my style that I pitched them.

Just need to get them to sign off on the Script and agree to the celebrity narrator ... Matt Smith AKA Smivadee from Palmers FC ... He's agreed to lend his voice for the project which should really add to what I've got in mind. Peace OG

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