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Week 2.1 - On the Radio

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Monday: Monday morning !! Woop woop ... *sarcasm*

Not looking forward to it ... and it's always the way after a good weekend. But I've started today with a particular song stuck in my head.

Like nearly everyone with a Netflix subscription, I've been watching season 2 of Sex education and I so happened to have finished the last episode last night. And if you haven't watched it ... it's a great show! Like seriously... a great show!

But the biggest stand out was the end credits song ! It's a sad one ... but my God! Chills! The song is a cover of Regina Spektor's 'On the radio'. And is covered by American song writer Chip Taylor. If you haven't seen the show, give it a watch or at least check out this song! OG


Good morning world !

Today is going to be one of those days ... stuck in the office and my only evening plan is swimming and working on a logo concept for 'Black Wagon Bagels'

Last night was a spontaneous one ... with every intention of going for a long run , storm Ciara put a stop to that straight away.

Instead though I made quick 2 hour stop in the gym before trying my hand at some night photography... I've always lived light trails so wanted to give it a go .

Unfortunately it was a little windy and my tiny tripod just wasn't up to it.

I'll keep trying Haha.

Wednesday :

Swimming is hard work 😩 and this morning I'm shattered.

You won't know this, but I'm training to become a triathlete, but this is a story for another time.

The only problem is ... I can't really swim. WELL ! I can ... but not well so this is truly becoming my biggest challenge as I get ready for Cyprus... but again that's a story for another time.

One thing I will mention about Cyprus though ... I've been asked to design the T-Shirts ... but that's all I'll be saying about that 😉.

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