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Some clients are just ...

Monday's ... am I right ? *Pause for laughter* Today was Sunday ... well in terms of tasks i was working on. but it's been a fairly productive day. Chased a few clients and lined up 3 new teams for my matchday marketing. One of those teams was Thundersley Athletic and their logo was ... erm ... well they had one haha So I suggested they get a new one and then started working on a rebrand.

Here is the original ... which is very generic and not original at all ... so I offered them something new and modern.

Just a bit of context, the village animal of Thundersley is a stag and a Thunder bolt so I've used this imagery to help give them a local identity. I also kept the triangle behind to tie in to the original brand. which they Loved !!!

So we could have ended up with some very nice matchday graphics ! But unfortunately ... they want to keep the original ... bollocks ! haha So we have this ...

For now ... We will see what they say next season. Peace OG

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