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Return of the Daily Blog 3.0

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Just before Lock down, I started Blogging about my career.

I did this so I could tell my story and look back over these as a highlight of my career.

See where it all went wrong and the mistakes I made. And also to highlight the successes I have had. (hopefully)

But then ... *DUN DUN DUUUN* Covid. Covid came and like everything in the world ... it f****d everyhting up.

I was unable to work.

Didn't get furloughed. I was unpaid for 3 months.

And then got made redundant.


They refused to pay me. Nice right! But during all this, there was a small silver lineing ... I started my freelance career. So in that sence, its been an intrested 8 Months. I've worked on a bunch of great projects and met alot of great people. But I'm not going to give you a history lesson haha This blog will start from tomorrow. 10-10-20 Its a Saturday ... Sooo it could be a real boring one haha. See you then. OG

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