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Lazy Sunday

Honestly .... This is a bit of a pointless blog post. I woke up Sunday with a list of 13 tasks and only completed 4. I got off to a good Start, added 6 new logos to a music poster, designed the album cover for the same event and sorted the artwork for the merch. Its not paying much atm , but my client is super passionate about this project and I am too now! I'm sure its going to be a big thing and will hopefully turn in to a good client for me.

Other than that, I went through my socials and spoke to a couple of potential small clients. One of them is a logo and the other is graphics for a football team ... I should have 3 of those signed up this week if all goes well. I'll chase them on Monday. The rest of the day consisted of going for a run, walking the dog and binge watching the final 5 episodes of Cobra Kai ... again if you haven't watched it and are aware of the karate kid movies (Not the Jaden Smith reboot) then you'll love his. Peace OG

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