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I need to find work from somewhere !

Today is a day ... not entirely sure what day it is , but it's one of them.

On this day I've tried to be as productive as possible, I've cleaned the family food delivery with antibacterial wipes and placed them in storage for quarantine and spent the rest of the afternoon coming up with ways my skill set can start to make me money.

For a while my freelance work has been very busy! Even to the point that I have had to turn people away cause I've been so busy! And I've been considering the possibility of going freelance for a while now.

But this whole situation has scared me ... "this is what it would be like if I had no clients"

I need to get some clients in and regular ones !

So my idea is to try and attract a selection of potential marketing clients that will help generate a regular income. The first step of this will be collecting potential prospects in my area and reaching out to them. I just need to make a list. So that will be my job tomorrow.

The other thing I did today was launch a promo called 'Concept Dog Design Black Card'

The black card will basically allow members to pay what ever they think it's worth to them.

This concept has already been in place for over a year now with a couple of trusted clients but in an attempt for me to generate quick fire clients I'll be trialling it on a larger scale.

I'll let you know how it turns out Haha.

Stay safe

OG x

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