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I'm so tired ...

I've started running everyday again ... Add this to the cold weather and I've been waking up up tired and stiff every morning, even the magical powers of coffee don't seem to do the trick. I've found the best way to keep me energised during the day is to do my running in the afternoon, so instead of running first thing in the morning or at night and then doing a whole day at the PC, I know break the day up with an hour of exercise and lunch. Albeit ... sometimes its 90 minutes once I've finished eating haha But Monday was a little productive, spent most of the day doing admin ... this has been a regular time consumption which has told me one thing ... I NEED TO UP MY PRICES ! My prices are based on me work working 4 full days a week with the rest of the time on admin ... But I've found that I've been doing that ... and not hitting my targets ... infact, I'm nowhere near them. Last week I lost 3 regular clients which equalled 80% of my current income ... and 25% of my target for the month (Which I'm yet to hit) Part of me feels like I'm trying to win the grand national on a dead horse. The remainder of Monday was spent doing a bit of client work for AJ Menspa (I'll post in here once it goes live) And I started on the infographic video for Secrete Shirt Co. The script was signed off ! I just need to get the first couple of scenes done tomorrow. Wish me luck OG

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