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I did online networking

I almost didn't write this post ... In fact its Saturday now and I should have wrote this yesterday (I write my blog the morning after) The reason I didn't write it, was because I did nothing. Well I thought I did ... But looking back It was a somewhat productive day. I got sign off on a set of graphics for the Essex Combination football league and also got sent a brief for a catering project for an equipment supplier contact I know. which is super exciting cause I haven't done a 3D design project since I was made redundant. So that would be a good one to do if it all goes ahead. The other thing that happened and the reason why I thought I'd better write this post, was I went to my first online open networking event. I have been to one before that was more structured and had more of a format with time slots to speak ect. This one places you in an online room with tables and you can click on the tables and talk to whomever is there. I met a bunch of useful contacts that I will be chasing over the weekend! Hopefully Something comes from this and I'll be doing the next event for sure! Thank you to Stephen Green for recommending it. Peace OG

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