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Hive mind

Its Friday morning and like every Friday morning for the last 3 weeks I start my day with a Hive mind meeting. The Hive mind is a small group of professionals who meet up every Friday morning (although one time we did a Thursday afternoon and it was a nightmare haha) and we talk about our business ... its basically a support group with like minded people. Any problems we are facing or challenges we need help with, the idea is the group is there to bounce off of and help each other.

There is still some teething issues with the group in terms of time structure ... but it's been good so far! Work wise, I started mocking up templates for the Essex Combination League graphics and luckily these got signed off. I just need to do the rest now !

Hopefully I can use this to attract more leagues.

Graphics like these are a great way for Leagues to engage with there teams and improve the exposure of the league and attract sponsors. I took the time to create little logos for each division in the league and these can be easily sold to sponsors for examples 'The Coca-Cola Senior league' ? huh ? nice ring to it if you ask me. The other mock up I did was for Hatcham Beckenham manor so I had a pretty productive day all thing considered.

Just need to get the rest of the pack done and sent over. Peace OG

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