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A day to reflect

I woke up this morning determined to SMASH IT !

But it soon became apparent that my diary and plan was all over the place.

I had a few things to sort this morning, couple of emails to potential new clients and also a few matchday graphic bits for Hullbridge Sports. But after that, I was lost ... I was scrolling through my totem book (If you don't have one I fully recommend getting one) Here's mine

It's basically a Journal ... But do you ever get the felling that you should be really busy but have no idea what you are supposed to be doing ? This was me this morning, everyhting in my tote book is either done or paused ... So I'm either in a worst position than i thought with clients ... or I'm negelcting someone big time.

Either way, come 12:30 I found myself playing Fifa 21 on the PS4 ... I just needed to unwind despite this being a huge waste of time .... but I did take a break 10 minutes later to write all the above haha Other than that , the rest of the day hase involved working on some bits for a new music festival, drinking loads of coffee and watching the season finale of The Boys on Amazon Prime. If you've not seen it, Watch it ! brilliant show ! I was watching the football, but being a Southend fan its rather depressing now days last i saw we was drawing 1-1 with Exeter .... the game is over by the time of writing, no idea what the score was but we most likely lost. (we drew 2-2 meh I'll take that even though we apparently dominated and conceded an equaliser with the last kick off the game) In other football news closer to home Hullbridge Sports lost 2-1 at home to Tilbury so pretty shit day from a football point of view. Time to go for a run on the treadmill and start planning my week. Peace OG

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